RFID Windshield Tags/Labels

Did you or are you still using 13.56MHz tag for RFID parking lot or vehicle access lot? Did you have the experience to roll down your card window to get the reader to read the tag? Even though it is raining or snowing heavily. What terrible experience! Now our UHF RFID windshield tags in EPC Gen2 Global 860-960MHz come to save you. The passive UHF transponder offer long range identification up to 5 meters (16ft). And our UHF RFID Windshield Tags offers effective long range vehicle identification for parking applications. Typically in the vehicles access to business parks, card parks, airports, gated communities, campuses, condominiums etc
Key features:
– Identification up to 5 meters [16 ft]
– battery free passive tag
– EPC Gen 2 compatible
– Customized printing
– Thin, flexible sticker format
– Optional tamper resistant
– Protection against harmful UV rays
– Security protected