Passive Small Portable Animal Microchip RFID Reader

  • Item No.: RFCT_R0005
  • Model:WS140:
  • Frequency:134.2kHz:
  • Reading Standard:ISO11784/5 FDX-B EMID:
  • Reading Distance:≥7cm:
  • Screen:1.04”,128x32pix:
  • Read indication:Beep, Blue LED, LCD indication:
  • Dimensions:109*34*14mm:


Passive Small Portable Animal Microchip RFID Reader

This handheld reader dedicated to the field of animal identification, can detect meet ISO11784/85 standard animal tag, product use advanced RF transmitting/receiving circuit and embedded micro controller controller, and combine with strict decoding arithmetic to receive ISO11784/85 compatible tag, check and read data, with receive high sensitivity, small working current, easy to take, Cost-effective and so on feature, data can show on screen in time, and communicate with PC through Bluetooth or USB interface, then transfer animal code and relative operation data to backend database.

Product Introduction 

  • The smaller size, portable to carry
  • Easy to operate, USB charging
  • LCD indication, blue LED display
  • Support ISO11784 / 11785 FDX-B and EMID

Tech Specification



Frequency 134.2kHz
Reading Standard ISO11784/5 FDX-B EMID
Reading Distance ≥7cm
Screen 1.04”,128x32pix
Read indication Beep, Blue LED, LCD indication
Dimensions 109*34*14mm
Charging indication Red LED in charging. Green LED when complete.
Charging current <200mA, @5VDC on USB connector
Work Current <60mA
IDL Current <20mA
Power-down Current <10uA
Power Supply 4.5V( lithium battery)



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